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Jamia masjid e Aulia is running under the umbrella of registered charity Saifi Foundation. we have been serving the community since 2002.

Saifi foundation is a charity organisation which works towards promoting the positive image of Islam in United Kingdom. We provide services to individuals and organisations who work towards betterment of mankind. Our goal is to serve the needs of the local community and to work towards common good.


Our Mission Statement

The purpose of Masjid E Aulia is to serve the community, empower our brothers and sisters to achieve their true and full potential in their spiritual, and educational ambitions. We offer various welfare services. We are working towards building a more harmonious society in accordance to peaceful teachings of Islam. Saifi Foundation aims to preserve the beauty of the Islamic faith by empowering the community to understand the peaceful teachings of Islam. We also aim at educating all our brothers and sisters to play a positive and essential role in the society. We will be propagating beneficial teachings of Islam through prayers, religious congregations, distribution of Islamic literature, welfare projects, etc. We endeavour towards educating people on how to sustain good civic relations and become a positive human benefiting the society.

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