Qurani Classes

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Qurani Classes

Masjid e Auliya is pleased to announce Kids Quran Classes at Romford road, London. Boys and Girls Aged 5+ will be admitted

We have separate classes for boys and girls. Classes will be taught by highly qualified teachers.

The Children will be taught:

  • To read the Quran, initially being taught to read Arabic letters using our own syllabus.
  • To recite the Quran with Tajweed (meaning proper pronunciation during recitation, as well as recitation at a moderate speed)
  • Islamic manners
  • Islamic studies

Children will be separated into classes based on age and ability, as each child reads the Quran at their own pace.

Children from the Quran class will have the opportunity to progress onto Hifz (memorising the Quran)

Classes will be held Monday to Friday from 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

We have classes for adults with variable timings.

Please contact one of our friendly Masjid staff for more information.

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25-Sep-2020 || 7 Safar 1442 AH



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